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' Lauren Taylor Chatt '

Has been a current lifelong  member of the Hatton Academy since her very early years.

Beginning just so at the age of 3-4 years up until now current age 16. (And onwards)

Lauren has accomplished many feats over the years both on and off the Dance floor. She is and always was a regular on the championship circuit alongside this she has fully completed the NCDTA Medal Test System always with either Distinctions or Honours with Distinction all whilst staying and working hard in her Education and GCSES.

Throughout Lauren's Competitive Career she started in Juveniles working her way up to British Solo Juvenile Champion, but not only this, she also accomplished the same feat in the Junior ranks. Par taking in many British Junior Solo finals she became British Junior Solo Champion. A feat not seen or done by any other Academy member , all done at Blackpool Winter Gardens the home of Dancing.

Lauren has also been apart of 2 winning Formations teams. One also being British Champions. Again showing her focus and determination of love for the Dance.

-- British Solo Juvenile Champion
-- British Solo Junior Champion
-- Apart of British Junior Formation Champions
-- Fully completed NCDTA MEDAL TEST SYSTEM
-- And much much more ...

Lauren also has always shown her love for Dance both in The Academy but also outside the Academy , producing beautiful demonstrations and always helping out where and when need be , especially dancing with her younger comrades. She's always been a helping hand and a joy to both teach and watch grow into her a lovely young women.  

Lauren continues her education in dance studying per associate and associate teaching exams in both Ballroom and Classical alongside helping out in all Academy Classes

Lauren we humbly thank you for always being there and always proving that no matter what your love for Dance will always be great ! Keep on dancing !

Wendy Hatton (principle and director) & The Hatton Academy Team

 - - - - - - - -

In more news

Our very own Professionals,

James Hatton & Lauren Phillips

Won their first Inventive Prize Winning Dance at the NCDTA Inventive Dance Competition with their Modern Tango the ' Tango Tyrell ' 

They are over the moon and can't wait to see many more Dancers try their new Dance.

--- The Hatton Academy Team ---

 - - - - - - -

Throughout the past 2-3 months we've seen all our Dancers both big and small. Nursery Dancers and Junior Dancers produce some amazing results in all competitions around the North East. And up and down the country.

Firsts , Seconds , Thirds , and more ... With many Dancers hitting finals and producing some great results ! 

You all know exactly who you are and should hang your head high and be very very proud.

All the Teachers here at the Academy love seeing you all perform ever so well and pull it off with not only a smile but producing and dancing to the very best of your abilities.

Keep it up ! And keep on dancing ! 

--- The Hatton Academy Team ---

 - - - - - - -

Our Annual February Weekend away was at Kendal this year in the Lake District and went off very well .

All adults had a superb time alongside our excellent cabaret acts !

Without them our weekend often would not have the character it all so very much has.

Find below our full report written as always by John Lindsey 

--- The Hatton Academy Team ---

- - - - - - - -


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